Prof. Martin Booth Gives a Lecture at the Institute

On 25th, September, the famous optical expert, the chief editor of <Optics Communications>, prof. Martin Booth of college of Engineering Science of Oxford University was invited by the student chapter to give a lecture titled of “Dynamics Optics for Microscopy & Photonic Engineering” in the institute, which attracted many students and the professors.

The vice president of the student chapter, Yan Zhang, held the activity. Prof of. Booth introduced the adaptive optics in the field of micro-imaging and nanophotonics with the simple language. First with the introduction of deformable mirrors, liquid crystal spatial optical modulator and how these components are utilized to adjust the parameters of optical systems such as the applications in aberration correction and beam shaping. Then, prof. Booth introduced the application of adaptive optics in the field of super-resolution micro-imaging, including stimulated emissive loss microscopy and highly stressed how to enhance the quality of optical microscope. Lastly, prof. Booth gave a brief introduction on further moving the adaptive optics into neuroscience, micro & nano optics and so on.

After the lecture, many students asked about their confusions about the principles, the developing trend of the research, prof. Booth patiently gave his understanding on these questions, then, prof. Booth, along with Baoli Yao, vice dean of the state key laboratory, visited the laboratory and had a detailed discussion about the scientific issues. Prof. Booth highly affirmed the institute’s work in these years.

The activity offered a platform to both the chapter and the institute to enhance the international communications and cooperation in the future.




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