The Scientific Popularization Ideas Competition for the Series Activity “Lighting the future minds”

On 4th, January, 2018, XIOPM OSA/SPIE student chapter (the chapter) held the “scientific popularization ideas competition” to select more brilliant scientific ideas in to the series activity “lighting the future minds”, there were 5 groups fo the competition. Mr. Wen Sun of the department of gruaduate, Ms Yu chen Yang of department of science administration graded and made comments the five ideas.

Mr Zhizhou Lu, Ms Yuchen Yang and Mr Sun (From left to right)

The significance of scientific popularization can not only enrich the students’ researching life, enhance the interest to the research field, but also bring the joy of the researching process to the mass younger group. The chapter will continue to focus on the scientific popularization work in the new year and expect to spread our professional knowledge to as more middle and primary school students as possible in a more easy-to-understand way such as the animation, the experiment, etc.

group photo

The first group, Mr. Ziyuan Zhong, present the basic properties of the light including the color dispersion and absorption and the principles of the common phenomena about the light, which is more close to the real life, hope the younger students will enjoy it! The other four groups introduced about infrared light, biological recognization technology, the optical angular momentum and 3D principles respectively. All the competitors held the patience and profession to the audience and finally, they were all selected into the scientific popularizaion team. Congratulations!

Mr Ziyuan Zhong

Mr Dongwei Ni


Mr Rui Cai

Mr. Wei Song

Mr Tao Wang



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