National Science Popularization Day on Sept, 15th. 2018

On September 15, the science popularization team of the student chapter helped Xiguang institute to participate in the 2018 national science popularization day with the theme of “Innovation leads the Times, Wisdom illuminates Life” at Qujiang international convention and exhibition center in Xi’an city, Shanxi province Lutao Liu, Bailing Zhao, Lan Yu, Wang Yang, Zhao Jin, Congcong Yu, students chapter science popularization team, Bing 3D projector, hand-held night imager, projection infrared vascular imager, high power semiconductor laser, Bionic bone, dream ink, scattering lens, optical elements and other products. The Science Popularization team leads the public to understand the world of light, the diversity of light, and optical technology products. The lively atmosphere at the scene attracted many people to and from.




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