Academic Experience-sharing session Ⅲ on September .19th,2018

On September 19, with the mid-autumn festival approaching, the student chapter invited Quanlong He, former president of department of academy of the student chapter and Zhizhou Lu, former vice president of the student chapter to give lectures about the research work on the activity of “Tea Party”. The opening atmosphere and rich contents attracted many students to listen and discuss about the lecture.
Quanlong He introduced his research and academic experience in detail. He shared his experience from writing his first paper to training in research, from reading skills to encouraging people to participate actively in related research projects. Zhizhou Lu combed the characteristics of optical academic journals in concise language, and recommended that he should sum up the academic process and find an effective way to find out the article.
This activity solves many problems for new students entering the field of scientific research. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you.





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