Shaanxi Academic Forum on Optics & Photonics from Nov. 16th to 18th, 2018

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the founding of the OSA/SPIE student chapter of the Xi’an Institute of Optical & Precision Mechanics, it was sponsored by the Xi’an Institute of Optical & Precision Mechanics, The Shaanxi Academic Forum on Optics and Photonics was held in Xi’an from November 16 to 18, 2018, organized by the XIOPM OSA/SPIE student chapter.

The forum invited Professor Xi-Cheng Zhang, editor-in-chief of < Optics Letters >, deputy director of the state key Laboratory of transient Optics and Photonics, researcher Yao Baoli, an expert on Special government allowances of the State Council, and Professor Chunmin Zhang, Professor of the School of Science, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Director of the Institute of Space Optics, Professor Xiaopeng Shao, Dean of the School of physical Science and Technology, Xidian University, and Professor SPIE Visiting Lecturer Yang Yue, Professor Xinlong Xu, School of Physics, Northwest University, and other well-known experts in the field of optoelectronics at home and abroad made presentations. Topics of the conference include nano-photonics and materials, lasers and nonlinear optics, optical biosensor technology, optical imaging and display technology, optical communications and optical network technologies, Optical design and optical precision detection technology.





The expert professor, doctor and graduate student are all from all famous universities and colleges at home and abroad. The Forum established the “Shaanxi Academic Alliance for Postgraduates of photonics”, which provides an important platform for the exchange, interaction and cooperative relationship between teachers and students in the optical-related colleges and universities of Shaanxi Province. At the same time, the forum will be held by participating universities and colleges in turn. The forum also invites OSA and SPIE chapter leaders from well-known universities in China to further strengthen the links between student chapters and exchange work experience.

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Member attended 2018 academic Seminars for students on Optics & Photonics

Wu wei and Lutao Liu, members of the chapter, were invited to participate in the 2018 academic seminar for students in Changchun institute of Optical.


Group photo of participants

During the forum, Wu Wei displayed a poster entitled “All-optical Logic Gates Based on FWM in a Silicon Symmetric Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide”. Lutao Liu gave an oral report entitled “Laser Induced Damage Threshold of Infrared Materials: A Review”.

Poster display

Oral presentation

After the report, Xing Jun and Rahul, Ph. D. students of the Guo China-US Photonics Laboratory of Changchun Institute of Optics, invited Wu Wei and Lutao Liu to visit the Guo China-US Photonics Laboratory. On the second day of the report, all participants visited the optical exhibition hall of Jilin Provincial Science, Technology and Culture Center. Finally, thank you for the warm invitation of Changchun OSA/SPIE Student chapter.

Visit the Guo China-US Photonics Laboratory


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Xingfeng Wang attends the SLC/FiO conference

On 14th to 21th, September, former president of the chapter, Xingfeng Wang was invited to take part in the Student Leader Conference and Frontiers in Optics conference held in Washington D.C, U.S.A.

During the conference, Xingfeng Wang introduced the “Lighting the future minds” series of popular science activities to representatives from chapters around the world, the manager of the OSA student chapter, Terence Rooney, Jennifer Mehltretter spoke highly about what the chapter has done in the last one year. The chapter will move forward to do more activities to influence more people around us.


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Academic Experience-sharing session Ⅲ on September .19th,2018

On September 19, with the mid-autumn festival approaching, the student chapter invited Quanlong He, former president of department of academy of the student chapter and Zhizhou Lu, former vice president of the student chapter to give lectures about the research work on the activity of “Tea Party”. The opening atmosphere and rich contents attracted many students to listen and discuss about the lecture.
Quanlong He introduced his research and academic experience in detail. He shared his experience from writing his first paper to training in research, from reading skills to encouraging people to participate actively in related research projects. Zhizhou Lu combed the characteristics of optical academic journals in concise language, and recommended that he should sum up the academic process and find an effective way to find out the article.
This activity solves many problems for new students entering the field of scientific research. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you.



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National Science Popularization Day on Sept, 15th. 2018

On September 15, the science popularization team of the student chapter helped Xiguang institute to participate in the 2018 national science popularization day with the theme of “Innovation leads the Times, Wisdom illuminates Life” at Qujiang international convention and exhibition center in Xi’an city, Shanxi province Lutao Liu, Bailing Zhao, Lan Yu, Wang Yang, Zhao Jin, Congcong Yu, students chapter science popularization team, Bing 3D projector, hand-held night imager, projection infrared vascular imager, high power semiconductor laser, Bionic bone, dream ink, scattering lens, optical elements and other products. The Science Popularization team leads the public to understand the world of light, the diversity of light, and optical technology products. The lively atmosphere at the scene attracted many people to and from.


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Members attended 2018 academic innovation forum for graduated students in optics and materials science for Jiangsu province

From August 30 to September 2, Zhizhou Lu and Bailing Zhao, members of the chapter, were invited to participate in the 2018 academic innovation forum for graduated students in optics and materials science for Jiangsu province.
During the forum, Bailing Zhao made a poster display,Zhizhou Lu, on behalf of the OSA/SPIE chapter, made the academic report with Generation and Raman self-frequency shift (RSFS) of soliton crystal in a micro-ring resonator as the topic. His solid scientific research foundation was praised by the present professors, and he won the OSA/ACS excellent oral report award.
After the report, the topic “How should graduate students use academic resources to popularize science” was discussed. It is also a responsibility of graduated students to disseminate scientific knowledge, expand the influence of scientific knowledge among teenagers, and make use of existing conditions and resources to conduct scientific popularization for children and teenagers. we will carry out scientific popularization to the end and influence more teenagers in the future.

Group photo of participants

Zhizhou Lu gave an oral presentation

Takashige OMATSU, Zhizhou Lu and Bailing Zhao

Zhizhou Lu won the prize


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Chapter Leadship Reshuffle on Aug. 28th, 2018

On August 28, members of the presidium held an OSA/SPIE election campaign for the new executive committee. All the candidates prepared very well, presented himself, and stated his views on the job. After intense competition, 12 students became members of the new chapter’s executive committee and form the 2018 chapter Management Committee with the one remaining chairmen member. The 2017 Committee and the 2018 Committee successfully completed the chapter succession work. The new presidium stated that in the coming year, the chapter will keep its original intention in mind and work hard to do better.


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Work Review & Chapter Recruitment on Aug. 22th, 2018.

OSA/SPIE Student Chapter of Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (XIOPM OSA/SPIE Student Chapter) held a recruitment meeting on August, 22, 2018. At first, Wei Wu, president of the chapter, introduced the establishment and development process of our chapter in simple language, and Feifei Ren introduced the members’ welfare that attracted wide attention. Secondly, Jinzhou Bai, one of the founders of the chapter, introduced the founding process of the chapter to students in a humorous language, so that they could have a better understanding of the origin of the chapter. What’s more, Xingfeng Wang, president of the 2017-2018 chapter and Zhizhou Lu, vice president of the chapter, shared the growth and harvest of working and learning in the OSA/SPIE chapter with their own experiences, which ignited everyone’s enthusiasm to sign up. At least, total number of chapter increased by 60.





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Lighting the future minds Ⅴ

On May 16th and 19th, 2018, the OSA/SPIE Student Chapter of the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (the student Chapter) organized the “Lighting the future minds” series science activity to celebrate the International Light Day (ILD). The activity attracted more than 300 teachers and students from Yongfeng Primary School in Jiufeng Town of Zhouzhi County, Xi’an City, Xi’an West Railway Fifth Primary School and Xi’an GAOXIN NO.1 High School.

On May 16th, 7 members of the student Chapter went to Yongfeng Primary School in Jiufeng Town of Zhouzhi County to hold a science activity entitled “Knowledge Leads Dreams • Science Illuminates the Future”. The principal Tian and nearly a hundred teachers and students from grades 4 to 6 participated in the activity and celebrated the International Light Day altogether.

Yongfeng Primary School is a small village located at the foot of the Qinling Mountains. When entering the school, there is a huge painting themed as “Be a Bright Man” on the east side of the wall. Compared to some urban schools, the teaching facilities are outdated and the multimedia reporting hall is unavailable. The science team firstly installed teaching equipment such as projectors and notebook computers that had been prepared in advance in the temporary reporting hall——Yongfeng Elementary School cafeteria.

At the beginning, Principal Tian introduced the OSA science team to the attendees, and then Dr. Xingfeng Wang, a Ph.D candidate of the popular science team, introduced the basic conditions of the XIOPM and the International Light Day. Besides, he expressed the purpose of this activity which is disseminating science, stimulating students’ interests in optical science, expanding students’ breadth of knowledge about scientific cognition, and celebrating International Day of Light.

Ziyuan Zhong and Meiling Chen, the members of the science team, explained the science report entitled “color of light”, “laser and its transmission in optical fiber”, respectively. Students understand the light, laser and optical fiber better through the poster exhibition and animated simulation, in addition, they’ve learnt the application of science and technology in daily life. Through the live experience of diffracted glasses and laser transmission in optical fiber, students’ understanding of the colorful light and its transmission characteristics in different media are enhanced.  These children actively participate in the zero-distance experience to feel the science charm themselves.

On May 19, the student chapter volunteered in the activity themed “exploring the magical optical world” — the 14th science public day of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). This activity is jointly sponsored by the Chinese academy of optical engineering, Xi’an branch of the CAS and XIOPM. More than 200 students and teachers from Xi’an railway No.5 primary school and Xi’an Gaoxin No.1 High School participated in the activity through online registration.

In this activity, several graduate students from the student chapter explained the natural phenomenon about light with easy and vivid language, such as “the light straight line dissemination”, “reflection and refraction of light”, “color of light”, “laser and optical fiber” and other related knowledge for the children.

They direct the children to construct the interesting experiments to experience the wonderful fun light themselves. All of the students showed great interests in the course contents and raised their hands for questions, besides, they actively participated in the experiments with great enthusiasm. During the activity, the children and students enjoyed a lot about the magic light through learning and feeling in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

We were moved by the parent who came from far away from Xi’an. In order to help her child to feel the scientific charm, they arrived Xi’an by train one day in advance. She said: “we do not have scientific research institutes to teach science to children in Yun Cheng (a city in Shanxi province), and the children have not taken science classes in school, however, in the daily life, I pay close attention to the official accounts of Wechat of the CAS, where I learn the science and teach my child. Ordinarily, I always take my son to the science museum in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to cultivate children’s scientific thinking and creativity. This is what I value more.” Her words represents many parents’ demands.

The “Lighting the Future Minds” science popularization activities conducted by the student chapter is now illuminating the light of science for young people, guiding and inspiring the majority of young people to approach to science and go into science. These activities are striving to encourage the majority of young people “to be a person with a bright eyes”!

The “Lighting the future minds” series of activities organized by the OSA/SPIE Student Chapter of the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (XIOPM) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) from August 2017 is a popular science project for primary and middle school students. The theme is “Knowledge Leads Dreams and Science Illuminates the Future.” The project funded by XIOPM, CAS and The Optical Society (OSA) is dedicated to disseminating science, encouraging progress, stimulating innovation and inspiring wisdom. This event was the sixth station and the 9th and 10th of the project (Previous stations are including Xi’an, Baoji, Zhen’ an, Fu ping, and Anyang, Henan). More than 1100 students have participated in the events. The OSA/SPIE chapter will continue to carefully plan, make full use of the advantages of the platform resources to carry out various forms of science and technology activities to enrich scientific knowledge, disseminate scientific ideas, and effectively promote “science and science popularization.”

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Lighting the future minds Ⅳ

On April 20 and 21, 2018, four scientific outreach team members of Xi’an Institute of Optics & Precision Mechanics OSA/SPIE student chapter (XIOPM OSA student chapter) went to Anyang city, Henan province, to carry out the science-popularization lectures themed “Knowledge leads dreams, Science illuminates the future”. 3 primary schools included Liujiazhuang primary school, Meidonglu Primary school and Tiexilu Primery school organized students from Grade 4th to Grade 6th.

The president of the student chapter, Ph.D. candidate Wang Xingfeng introduced the basic situation of XIOPM and OSA student chapter to the teachers and students. He explained that the purpose of this activity is to stimulate students’ interest in science and expand their knowledge, especially in optics and optoelectronics.

The Ph.D. candidate Wang Xingfeng, Lu Zhizhou and master student Chen Meiling, Wang Fang gave the interesting lectures titled of ” Laser technology “, ” China Space – Chang ‘e lunar probe “, “Magic Nano Luminescent Material” and “the Magic of Light”, respectively. By present animation show of laser principle, videos of magic nano-materials, picture demonstration and physical experience, students and teachers were all interested in these knowledge that they never contacted with in daily life, they have raised many interesting and imaginative questions, the team members gave the specific and patient explanations. After the lecture, many students were still curious about the fiber and the glass with gratings which can split the sunlight into 7 colors. They were attracted by the magic of the light and made their decision to study hard to know more about the nature.

As Mr. Wang xinguo, President of Liujiazhuang primary school, said, “This activity has greatly stimulated students’ curiosity about scientific knowledge and encouraged them to study hard. Meanwhile, it has enriched the science and cultural life of our teachers and students and added new vitality to education of our school.” This activity guides the students to understand the world of light and the diversity of light, to go into nano-luminescent materials and explore the magical universe. While broadening the scope of knowledge, we can open students’ innovative minds, arouse students’ innovative consciousness, and arouse students’ thirst for knowledge in science.

Tiexilu Primary School

Meidonglu Primary School

Liujiazhuang Primary School

Since August 2017, XIOPM OSA/SPIE student chapter has organized the scientific outreach activities themed “Lighting the future minds”, which mainly faces to primary and middle school students. The project funded jointly by the Xi’an Institute of Optics & Precision Mechanics (XIOPM), the Optical Society of America (OSA), and the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) aimed to disseminate science, encourage progress, stimulate innovation and inspire wisdom. This activity is the fifth station of the series project of “Lighting the future minds” (previously, we have been to primary and middle schools in Xi ‘an, Baoji, Zhen’an and Fuping county), with a total of 5 times, influenced over 800 people. OSA student chapter will continue to carefully plan, make full use of the advantage resources of each platform, carry out science popularization activities of various forms, spread scientific concept, to promote science and popular fly together.

In the future, OSA student chapter will continue to carefully planning, combining with the Chinese academy of sciences, XIOPM and all of the platform and resources provided by OSA, carry out the various science popularization activities in primary and middle schools in Xi ‘an and surroundings. To train students’ good habits to love science, learn science, follow science and use science, to stimulate students’ innovative wisdom and creativity, to promote science and popular fly together.

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