2017 Annual Meeting of XIOPM OSA/SPIE Student Chapter & Graduate Academic Forum on Optics and Photonics

On 20th, Jan. 2018, 2017 Annual Meeting of XIOPM OSA/SPIE Student Chapter & Graduate Academic Forum on Optics and Photonics is successfully held. There were more than 70 young scholars from 5 universities attending the meeting. The president, Xingfeng Wang is the general chair and the vice president, Yue Sun is the host of the meeting. 3 researchers, Mr. Wenhui Fan, Mr. Jie Tang and Mr.Jianhua Zeng were invited to be the judges.

Xingfeng Wang first introduced the Student Chapter and welcomed the guests to the meeting. 8 students made oral presentations of the field of laser technology, biomedical optics, imaging, etc, they all won the outstanding presentation award. Over 15 students presented their posters and communicated with each other and learned a lot from the crossing fields.

The meeting is aimed at building a platform where young sholars can present their research achievements and improve their own abilities. The meeting also provide an oppotunity for better cooperation between institutes and universities.

President:Xingfeng Wang

Host, vice president: Yue Sun

Group Photo

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2017 SPIE visiting lecturer: Prof. Qijie Wang gave a lecture

On 19th, Dec. 2017, the SPIE visiting lecturer: Prof. Qijie Wang, from Nanyang Technological University gave a lecture at Classroom 5 of graduate department, titled “Integrated terahertz photonics and optoelectronics”, 30 graduate and Ph.D students from all the laboratories attended and discussed the frontier of the field with Prof. Wang.



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The Scientific Popularization Ideas Competition for the Series Activity “Lighting the future minds”

On 4th, January, 2018, XIOPM OSA/SPIE student chapter (the chapter) held the “scientific popularization ideas competition” to select more brilliant scientific ideas in to the series activity “lighting the future minds”, there were 5 groups fo the competition. Mr. Wen Sun of the department of gruaduate, Ms Yu chen Yang of department of science administration graded and made comments the five ideas.

Mr Zhizhou Lu, Ms Yuchen Yang and Mr Sun (From left to right)

The significance of scientific popularization can not only enrich the students’ researching life, enhance the interest to the research field, but also bring the joy of the researching process to the mass younger group. The chapter will continue to focus on the scientific popularization work in the new year and expect to spread our professional knowledge to as more middle and primary school students as possible in a more easy-to-understand way such as the animation, the experiment, etc.

group photo

The first group, Mr. Ziyuan Zhong, present the basic properties of the light including the color dispersion and absorption and the principles of the common phenomena about the light, which is more close to the real life, hope the younger students will enjoy it! The other four groups introduced about infrared light, biological recognization technology, the optical angular momentum and 3D principles respectively. All the competitors held the patience and profession to the audience and finally, they were all selected into the scientific popularizaion team. Congratulations!

Mr Ziyuan Zhong

Mr Dongwei Ni


Mr Rui Cai

Mr. Wei Song

Mr Tao Wang

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Lighting the future minds Ⅲ

On 15th Dec. 2017, scientific popularization team of the student chapter went to Huiyuan Middle school of Zhenan county, Shaanxi province. This is the third scientific outreach lecture, the theme is “Knowledge heralds dreams, science lights the future minds”, there were 150 students and teachers from the 7th grade participating the lecture.

the scientific popuparization team at the gateway of the school

There were 6 members including Xingfeng Wang, Meiling Chen, Lili Li, Zhongling Ruan, Chaomeng Kang and Liang Han. The team set off from the institute at 8 a.m., after 3 hour’s journey, they arrived in Zhenan county, Shangluo city, Shaanxi province. Then they went to the middle school at countryside of the county immediately after the simple lunch.

The vice president of the school, Mr. Xuelin Chen, vice dean, Mr. Zaibo He and the team leader of the 7th grade, Mr. Yongbo Liu held warm reception to the team and had a brief introduction about the middle school.

group photo

At the beginning, Mr He introduced the student chapter to the attendees including several teachers and more than140 students, they welcomed the team with great enthusiasm. President of the student chapter, Xingfeng Wang illustrated about the background and purpose of the activity and also conveyed thanks to the middle school.

introduction to the activity

After the introduction, Xingfeng Wang, Meiling Chen, Chaomeng Kang and Liang Han introduced the optics knowledge in Chang’e moon exploration engenering, the magical material world, VR(virtual reality) technology, respectively. The students also experienced the VR tech, hope they could feel the magic in optics.

during the lecture

live experience

During the process, the team used many vivid analogies to simplify the abstract concepts the those without professional background, which made the students more interested in science, especially in optics and its related knowledge. In the Q&A session, the students were creative to bring about many interesting questions, the team gave them answers with both simplicity and profession.

Q&A session

answering the questions

At the last, Mr. Liu concluded about the activity, highly praising the success that the team made during this lecture and the students gave the warmest greetings to the chapter.

Mr Liu concluded the activity

With the students be more interested in optics and wish them be happy everyday!

The students

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Members Attend CNU OSA/SPIE Annual Academic Seminar

The annual academic seminar of Capital Normal University(CNU) OSA/SPIE student club was held on Nov.25 and 26, 2017 in Beijing Ziyu Restaurant, chapter member An Pan, Zhizhou Lu, Yue Sun and Feifei Ren were invited to attend.

The annual meeting was mainly held by OSA/SPIE club of department of physics, CNU, the theme of the meeting covers from “interaction beteen light and matters” to “quantum optics”, the meeting incorporating academic lecture and poster session attracted graduates and PhD students coming from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Institute of Physics, CAS and other famous universities and institutes. Frontier research work were presented by these outstanding students and they also communicated with each other.

PhD student An Pan represent the chapter gave an impressive lecture during the meeting and the lecture was highly praised by the  distinguished judges. After the lecture session, Zhizhou Lu, Yue Sun and Feifei Ren presented their research work on posters to the attendees.

Our chapter shared the achievements that have been made through last two years during the annual academic meeting, which we believe to be a promotion for the chapter to go forward to another stage.

Anpan, Zhizhou Lu, Yue Sun and Feifei Ren

Group Photo of the Four Chapters

An Pan

Zhizhou Lu,Yue Sun and Feifei Ren

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Members attended academic exchange in school of physics of Northwest University on 13th October.

An Pan and Zhizhou Lu were invited by the school of physics of Northwest University to give lectures on super-resolution imaging and micro-ring based optical frequency comb respectively. After the lectures, the students asked many professional questions about the two research field, An and Zhizhou gave detailed discussions about their confusions.

This kind of academic communications will be held more in the future to enhance the cooperation between the student chapter and other associations.

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Academic Experience-sharing session Ⅱ on September.28th, 2017

On 28th, September, one week before the mid-autumn festival, the student chapter invited Mr Wen Sun of the graduate faculty, An Pan, former president of the student chapter and Quanlong He, former president of department of academy of the student chapter to give lectures about the research work on the activity of “Tea Party”. The opening atmosphere and rich contents attracted many students to listen and discuss about the lecture.

Mr Sun gave opening remarks to the students. An Pan shared the experience on the paper publications, the classifications of SCI journals and his own interesting stories on the research work. Quanlong He briefly introduce his life in his first 3 years in the institute. The younger students communicate with these two mentors about the research, going abroad and so on.

The activity gave the freshmen a golden opportunity to solve the puzzles from research or life,more activities like this will be held in the near future. Wish everybody have a nice mid-autumn day!


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Prof. Martin Booth Gives a Lecture at the Institute

On 25th, September, the famous optical expert, the chief editor of <Optics Communications>, prof. Martin Booth of college of Engineering Science of Oxford University was invited by the student chapter to give a lecture titled of “Dynamics Optics for Microscopy & Photonic Engineering” in the institute, which attracted many students and the professors.

The vice president of the student chapter, Yan Zhang, held the activity. Prof of. Booth introduced the adaptive optics in the field of micro-imaging and nanophotonics with the simple language. First with the introduction of deformable mirrors, liquid crystal spatial optical modulator and how these components are utilized to adjust the parameters of optical systems such as the applications in aberration correction and beam shaping. Then, prof. Booth introduced the application of adaptive optics in the field of super-resolution micro-imaging, including stimulated emissive loss microscopy and highly stressed how to enhance the quality of optical microscope. Lastly, prof. Booth gave a brief introduction on further moving the adaptive optics into neuroscience, micro & nano optics and so on.

After the lecture, many students asked about their confusions about the principles, the developing trend of the research, prof. Booth patiently gave his understanding on these questions, then, prof. Booth, along with Baoli Yao, vice dean of the state key laboratory, visited the laboratory and had a detailed discussion about the scientific issues. Prof. Booth highly affirmed the institute’s work in these years.

The activity offered a platform to both the chapter and the institute to enhance the international communications and cooperation in the future.


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Lighting the future minds Ⅱ

On 22nd, September, the student chapter went to Daijiawan Primary School, Baoji city, another city of Shaanxi province, not far from Xi’an to give the second scientific popularity series activities themed as “Lighting the future minds”. All the students and several teachers of Class 2, Grade 6 has participated in the activity.

The scientific team was warmly welcomed by the students and the teachers. President Xingfeng Wang introduced the great contribution that the XIOPM has made to the scientific field of China as well as the research status, president Wang encouraged them to work hard to fulfill their dreams.

Qi Fan of the state key laboratory of transient optics and photonics and Junyu Chen of Center for Remote Sensing gave the presentations and experimental demonstrations about the luminescent nano-materials and the VR technology, they both gave a comprehensive reviews of the research areas. The students listened very careful, it seemed that a new world had opened to them and they wanted to know everything about the world.

After the presentation, many students asked various questions such as the applications of the nanomaterials in life, whether the materials are harmful to people, the principle of VR and so on. The two teams gave their answers one by one on each question and encourage the students to learn more and know more. Several students even expressed that they will work hard to make contributions to the country like XIOPM, all the student members are greatly relieved and enthusiastic to the next activities!


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Zhizhou Lu attends the SLC/FiO conference

On 16th to 21st, September, the vice president of the chapter, Zhizhou Lu was invited to take part in the Student Leader Conference and Frontiers in Optics conference held in Washington D.C, U.S.A.

Zhizhou Lu introduced the OSA/SPIE student chapter of XIOPM to the student chapters from all over the world, most of which were impressed by the first IONS conference(ionsxian.osahost.org), 2017 OSA ambassador, Rim Cherif and the manager of student chapter, Terence, Rooney spoke highly about what the chapter has done in the last one year. The chapter will move forward to do more activities to influence more people around us.

Several OSA chapter student leaders Zhizhou Lu on the left


Zhizhou Lu and Prof. Kerry Vahala

Zhizhou Lu and several other leaders with Prof. Xicheng Zhang


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